Cozmetic Lab

Face Mask

Cozmetic Lab Face Mask is a salon quality mask using pure active clay, naturally sun dried to
maintain its rich trace elements and minerals. Clay beauty treatments have been used for centuries worldwide and are well known for their natural ability to detoxify, nourish and revitalise while maintaining the mineral balance of the skin.

This absorbent face mask comes in pure powder form, free of all chemicals, preservatives and fragrances, each clay containing its own unique qualities to benefit the skin. Activate the mask by adding water when ready to use; ensuring a fresh natural treatment every time.

Green Clay - best suited for oily, congested, acne skin is the strongest of all clays,
detoxifies, cleanses and exfoliates, improving the skin’s condition and appearance.

Yellow Clay - for all skin, particularly tired and neglected. A gentle mask to tone, exfoliate, stimulate and revitalize resulting in a conditioned and hydrated complexion.

White Clay - all skin, particularly dehydrated and elderly skin a gentle less absorbent clay to hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate and smooth the skin providing a soft radiant complexion.

Pink Clay - for dry, dehydrated, stressed skin, this is a gentle moisturising and calming clay.
Its natural hydrating properties assist to refine delicate fine lines.

Red Clay - for sensitive, couperose skin is a mildly hydrating oily clay high in essential
minerals to replenish, revitalise and condition the skin.

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