Cozmetic Lab


The correct tools are just as important as the correct mineral makeup range. Cozmetic Lab’s tools of the trade
are of the highest quality, made with natural hair for long wearing usage. This range allows precise application
to all areas.

Let’s Face It 

Our signature brush designed for our Loose MineralPowders. Retracts back into it’s own case keeping the bristles clean and hygenic.Throw into your handbag without mess!

Kabuki Brush

This handy brush is an alternative to the Let’s Face It brush to apply foundation or Shine Control. Also perfect for Bronzer application. This one is the males preference!

Give Me Cheek

Countour your cheekbone with this slightly slanted brush creating your blushing look.

Eyeing It Off

This brush has been designed to create an easy contour/crease in the lid of the eye. A quick application to provide true eye definition.

A Tad Shady

A fabulous quality brush designed with short, tapered bristles to hold in mineral powder. A perfect tool for creating intense eyeshadow colour.

A Real Eye Opener

The easiest way to line an eye with our firm synthetic bristles. Use to fill in eyebrows, or use the sponge tip to soften your eyeliner for a softer definition.

Define It

The most versatile brush, can be used for lip
application, eye-liner or for more detailed work when camouflaging imperfections.

Get In Shape

Brush eyebrows into your preferred shape or
use to separate lashes or comb brows.

Full Of It

This brush is perfect to provide full lid coverage, making it ideal for a quick and easy application. This can also be used to dust over the lid with Shine Control to remove sparkle and shimmer.

Give Me Lip

One of our favourite brushes used to apply Lipsticks or Glosses. Retracts back into its case with a cover keeping it free from dust and bacteria. Carry in your handbag and don’t worry there is no lid to lose and no makeup to dirty your bags contents.

Flock Sponge

Designed for a heavier application of minerals onto the skin. Use to cover uneven colouring, scarring, pigmentation or if you simply want a heavier application of foundation.
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