Cozmetic Lab


Loose Mineral Bronzer

Want to look like you have spent a "Long Weekend" in the outdoors or perhaps you live the "City Life" and don't get the opportunity to spend time outdoors too often?

Cozmetic Lab has created three versatile shades to cater for all skin types. They can be applied to the entire face over your Foundation for a “Sun-kissed” effect, or add some colour to your body for that all over tan. Our mineral bronzers will provide shading to the desired area with a soft glow while still allowing your skin to breathe.

Sun Kissed

Long Weekend
City Life

A small amount is required on the Kabuki brush, apply lightly, the “less is more’ rule
applies due to the concentrated pigment.

Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, may contain Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide


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