Cozmetic Lab


Loose Mineral Blush

Do you want the “After Glow” effect from active exercise? or perhaps you are “Playing the Field
while on a “Night Out” acting like you’re a “Dancing Queen”?

Whatever the reason for blushing, our soft, silky blush will create the look you are after. From our
soft neutral peachy shade of “Sweet Kiss” to our deep, rich plum of “Show Off” - the choice is yours!

Dancing Queen

Shy Girl

Flirty Chic

Sweet Kiss


Night Out

Playing the Field

After Glow

Show Off

A small amount is required on the brush due to the strong pigment. Using our Give Me Cheek
brush our soft silky blush will glide on smoothly with a superior slip.

Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, may contain Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Flirty Chic contains Carmine

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