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About Minerals:

What is Loose Mineral Makeup?

Loose Mineral makeup literally comes from nature. The colours are derived from the earth's crust and are mined from around the world, purified, finely milled and treated or coated with other pigments to create different colours and effects. The minerals lay on the surface of the skin without blocking the pores and protect the skin from many air-borne pollutants. Our loose mineral powders also contain Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which are known to contribute to sun protection of the skin.

Why Loose?

Loose, dry mineral powders contain no moisture and are classed as inorganic. Bacteria are unable to survive on inert minerals therefore our loose powder makeup does not require chemical preservatives, oils, waxes, fillers or gums.

What are the benefits of mineral cosmetics?

Due to omitting the three most common skin sensitizers from our Mineral range (chemical preservatives, chemical colours, chemical fragrances), we have eliminated the most common cause of skin allergies to makeup. Mineral makeup is new technology that allows you to care for your skin whilst wearing makeup everyday. It not only enhances your natural beauty, but also leaves your skin feeling healthy and irritation-free.

How do minerals provide natural sun protection?

The key ingredients that assist with sun protection are; Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. These two minerals reflect the sun’s rays from the skin providing a physical broad spectrum block.

Is your makeup safe for all skin, including skin showing signs of sensitivity?

If you have sensitive skin and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then our mineral makeup is for you. The most irritating ingredients in cosmetics are talc, dye and perfume. Our makeup is free of all these ingredients. An irritated skin may even feel soothed when wearing Cozmetic Lab Mineral Makeup.

Can an acne skin wear Cozmetic Lab Minerals?

Free of oils, fragrances, fillers, chemicals and synthetic ingredients, an acne prone skin may appear healthier when wearing mineral makeup.
Great for covering up blemishes as well!

How soon can your mineral makeup be applied after waxing, IPL, microdermabrasion, peels and laser?

Unlike traditional makeup, Cozmetic Lab minerals makeup may be applied immediately after waxing, IPL treatments, microdermabrasion treatments, and superficial peels. Camouflaging redness, you will never know you just had a treatment! Please consult your physician for an indication of when to use after laser surgery.

Does Cozmetic Lab Mineral Makeup work on mature skin?

Yes, minerals have a great ability to reflect light away from wrinkles, minimizing the effects of lines on the skin. (Makeup that contains talc will absorb light, therefore enhancing lines on the face.)

Does your mineral makeup stay on?

Absolutely! Our mineral makeup has the added bonus of staying on for longer periods of time. Apply your minerals in the morning and you are still wearing them by evening.

Are the Mineral foundations drying?

No, in fact quite the opposite because our mineral makeup is talc free and holds in moisture, keeping your skin feeling more hydrated and averting wrinkles.

Will it cover scars, bruising or birthmarks?

Yes, you will find many medical professionals recommend their patients wear mineral makeup as it has the ability to cover bruising and redness after particular procedures. Your surgeon will advise you of the suitable time allowance before makeup is used.

What colouring agents are in your cosmetics?

We colour with iron oxides and other minerals. These natural minerals are obtained from the earth and have been used by artists for many years as pigments.

Can I apply Cozmetic Lab eyeshadows on my lips?

Yes. Because we don’t use FD&C dyes or lakes in our makeup, our reds, pinks, and peaches can be worn on the lips, cheeks, or eyes. You may wish to use any of our colours as eyeliner, or body shimmers... Ask your stockist how!

Can I create my own colours?

Absolutely. You can use our products as they come or mix them together in various combinations, creating your own signature colours that are perfect for you.

What cleanser should I use?

Your favourite cleanser will do. Ask your Cozmetic Lab stockist about our Mineral Cleansing Cloth – a specialized cloth that will remove all makeup.

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